5 Things That Girls Hate on Dates

Of course, everyone will agree that they have much more bad dates than good ones. This becomes clear from communication with women friends as well as from personal experience. Just do not say that you’ve always been perfect. We are not perfect, neither are you or actually, nobody in this world. Nonetheless, it is better to always strive for the better and take an example from the girls who always work on themselves. In this regard, if you want to improve your dating skills, then you should be aware of things that, in general, the girls do not like the most. There are 5 most common mistakes you should better avoid.

1. Being late or even forgetting about a date.

Never rely on your poor memory because setting the alarm clock never did harm to anyone. To show yourself from the best side, you should monitor the traffic jams and determine at what time you will get to the appointed spot in order so that the girl does not wait too long, especially, in case this is your first meeting. The first impression is the strongest one, and after being late, your chances are swiftly going down. You show a total lack of respect and indifference in the date.

2. Being rude, or swearing.

To stay on the safe side, you should better adhere to classical manners, which mean that you should be extremely polite and good-natured. Try to control your speech, avoid inappropriate language. Try to speak beautifully. Dirty words and rudeness will hardly add points to your image. A big part of girls pays attention to men’s behavior, the ability to use language without using rude substitutes as well as good manners. Subconsciously, every girl “tries on” a new man like a dress, deciding whether it is necessary to continue the search or stop.

3. Being uninteresting interlocutor.

Most girls like sociable, easy-going, and open-minded guys, who have inner charisma. It’s just statistics, no offense to you, just things as they work in real life. It is important to understand that you shouldn’t be all closed up inside on a date. Try to speak clearly and logically. It’s hard to meet a girl who will be happy with the prospect of permanently determining the movement of the conversation. A man can make the life of a girl easier by taking up this responsibility and decide which direction will the evening stick to as well as which topics to discuss. In case there are some problems for you with expressing your thoughts, read more books and work on your vocabulary.

4. When you talk about some too intimate things on your first date.

It looks very weird when a stranger suddenly decides to discuss some taboo topics on the first date, including some intimate problems and the ex-relationship. Sometimes, some guys are so excited that these young people immediately move the date to the next level, making mixed signals, behaving in a provocative manner, and paying inappropriate compliments. They try to clearly hint on a hot continuation of the evening, forgetting about their good manners as well as about the fact that it’s only the first date. Most likely, the girl will feel very uncomfortable.

5. When you keep constantly checking phone messages.

Try to appreciate the time your date cut out to spend with you and stop constantly checking your emails or messages and emails. In extreme situations, you should switch the silent mode on and when someone really important calls you, just pretend you need to go to the restroom. Leave the notifications on but make the phone is not vibrating or buzzing all the time, you can check them and stay unnoticed when your woman goes out.

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