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A Digg for Technical Communicators

Tom Johnson of IWBW has created a social news service for Technical Communicators.

I’ve been a long-time reader of, but just last week it dawned on me that it would be really great if there were a Digg-like site for technical communication. So I decided to create one. It’s called and it’s pretty much a Digg clone, except that the entire focus is on articles related to technical communicators.

Great idea, Tom, and thanks! Everyone head on over to WriterRiver, register a witty username, & start participating.

Hmmm… now, the question remains: how do we verb-ificate WriterRiver? With, we have “digg me,” or “I dug the site.” So, with WR… do we “WR me,” or perhaps “send me down the river? (up the river?)” Any ideas?

Unrelated ramblings

OK, so I haven’t been around here much, but that’s not totally my fault. I blame it on overtime at work, a short vacation to Virginia, and a healthy dose of using my spare time to pwn N00bs on Mario Kart Wii.**

**My MK friend code is 2535-4142-7883. Post your code in the comments, load me up, & let’s meet on WFC!

But you can always get your monkey fix by following me on Twitter. You are twittering, aren’t you? What kind of web two-dot-oh person are you if you’re not microblogging? Why, it might even keep you out of a middle east prison someday.

Matthew Ellison has published a comprehensive review of the most popular screen capture tools.

Finally, the Buttonmasher sent in another puzzling infographic for us to consider:

So… I guess it’s okay for me to park my giraffe inside this garage, then?


- Adj. -
Relating to a major writing disorder that is characterized by repeated episodes of manic posting and depressive (light) posting.

- Ety. - Dual. ‘Blog’, Sl., from Interwebianus Mamas Basementia, meaning ‘record of one desperate in some way for attention’; ‘Polar’, adj., from Realitus, meaning ‘having two opposing extremes’.

Content will be restarting in earnest. Stay tuned.

Are the bells tolling yet again for RoboHelp?

Charles Jeter has been doing some excellent cyber-detective work and uncovered some odd corporate accounting practices over at Adobe.

It all started with the Jetman wondering why RoboHelp wasn’t included in Adobe’s SEC and investor relations documents, and went from there.

CJ has repeatedly asked for a statement from Adobe or their product evangelists, but so far, only silence. I’ll put the call out as well… if anyone has more information or documentation regarding the business side of RH, head on over to and chime in.

And while you’re there, make sure you grab his feed. His site has become another favorite of mine, you’ll see I’ve added it to the sidebar. His topics are very diverse, ranging from tech comm to parenting to gaming. Check it out.

theMonkey is back


Yes, I am alive.

Regular content will resume shortly. Make sure you’re subscribed to the monkeyPi feed.

In the meantime, enjoy a few minutes watching this pinnacle of interweb awesomeness:

Tech Comm blog survey

The STC Suncoast Chapter has created a very simple survey for readers of technical communication blogs. The survey is short & sweet. Chime in and let your preferences be heard.


H/Ts:Tom Johnson @ IRBW&Helpstuff.

Adobe tech comm blog

Vivek Jain, project manager of FrameMaker and RoboHelp, launched a blog yesterday. Might be worth adding to your aggregator.

H/T: Palimpsest.