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Awed and bummed

In the years BK (before kids), the wife and I used to chase eclipses. Nothing — and I mean NOTHING - is more mind-blowing than standing in the shadow of the Moon.

So I’ve been pretty bummed the past few years, as family responsibilities have kept me from seeing the past few eclipses. Especially when I see videos like this:

However, I am very glad for my friends, who apparently had great skies for this morning’s eclipse.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to speak to the wife about giving it a shot in 2009. It’s been too long.

Unrelated ramblings

OK, so I haven’t been around here much, but that’s not totally my fault. I blame it on overtime at work, a short vacation to Virginia, and a healthy dose of using my spare time to pwn N00bs on Mario Kart Wii.**

**My MK friend code is 2535-4142-7883. Post your code in the comments, load me up, & let’s meet on WFC!

But you can always get your monkey fix by following me on Twitter. You are twittering, aren’t you? What kind of web two-dot-oh person are you if you’re not microblogging? Why, it might even keep you out of a middle east prison someday.

Matthew Ellison has published a comprehensive review of the most popular screen capture tools.

Finally, the Buttonmasher sent in another puzzling infographic for us to consider:

So… I guess it’s okay for me to park my giraffe inside this garage, then?