Five Ways to Stay Healthy After Forty

When the clock strikes forty, you are most likely to feel as if you were reborn anew, it feels like you’ve got all of the energy that you’ve once had back. Of course you are much more experienced and confident than you once were in your late teens and early twenties. At the same time, there is another thing that bears resemblance to your youth – interest in the young girls. The statistics shows that most of the men in their early forties are more attracted to girls ten or twenty years younger, than to women of their age. A girl in her twenties – that's probably whom you are searching for on some dating web site. While you may charm her with your confidence and experience, something that most of the guys of her age can't provide her with, your declining health (stop arguing, health does start declining in your forties) is a thing that can make her turn away from you. Of course, that's not the reason to reject dating younger girls, as there are a lot of ways to stay healthy after forty. Thus, we offer you to check out five ways to stay health after forty.

Keep Your Eyes Open for Issues with Vision

We've already told you that your forties is the time when health starts declining, and your vision is the first target of aging. Instead of being cocky and think that your worsening vision is a temporary problem, go and visit a specialist. Pick up the glasses that you like. But if you are against wearing glasses, try a diet high on fruit and greens. They can slow down the process of eyesight degradation. You should also wear sunglasses, as the sun doesn’t really help with eyesight.

Learn Your Numbers and Levels

You can hate visits to the doctors and convince yourself that you are absolutely fine all you want, but forty is the time when you probably should learn you level of cholesterol, your blood pressure, your blood sugar, and your body weight. You should know those numbers, otherwise you may fall a victim of a kidney failure, stroke or a heart attack. A person that knows their body knows the problems that they may face in the future.

It's Time To Explore Your Root

Forty is the best time to explore your family history. Knowing your family tree can help you figure out whether you are at the risk of cancer or heart-diseases. If someone in your family died because of oncology, you should pay a visit to oncologist immediately, as there is no point to wait until the prospective disease would start expressing itself.

Muscle Up

After hitting the age of forty we start using a pound of muscles per year, so it's the best time to go to the gym. This would help you to lose less and keep your muscles flexible. Moreover, it would help you stay attractive for younger girls. You must have a weekly physical training plan, with the set of exercises that you should repeat at least three times a week.

Reconsider Your Lifestyle

No, no, it doesn't mean that you are too old and your retirement is getting closer, but forty is the age when you probably should reconsider your lifestyle. No matter how young you may feel, you are not getting any younger, so you should consider the possibility of quitting smoking and having more sleeping hours. It doesn't mean that you should become paranoid about your body, but you should care for it more than you've used to.

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