Rocket science

I’ve been wondering…

You’ll often hear people say, “it’s not like rocket science or anything.”

I wonder… what do rocket scientists say?

I’ll bet that they say “It’s not like talking to girls or anything.”

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2 Responses to “Rocket science”

  • no, they say “it’s not like it’s rocket science or anything” then laugh and say “oh yeah, it is rocket science”. Or they say something about whatever science they do (in my case, gravity wave detection).

  • Gravity wave detection… Somewhere in there is a joke about “attracting” girls, but I won’t go there. :-)

    In a former life, theMonkey studied astronomy… you’ve made some collegiate memories reappear… discussions about collapsing tight binary systems, interferometry, and good coffee. Nothing better in the world than observatory coffee. But I ramble.

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