UX lecture - part one

Last year, I provided a series of presentations on the current trends in User Experience and Assistance (UX&A) for a group of colleagues.

I’ve decided to post my slides from these three presentations here at monkeyPi. There is no audio narration included, but (hopefully) the slides should be easy enough to follow.

Part one covers the recent history of user assistance, along with a “big picture” view of future trends in both UX&A and computing technology in general. Click on the title slide below to launch the presentation.

(Note: you will need the Flash plugin to view the presentation.)

Much of the information contained in these presentations was gleaned from industry leaders present at the Pubsnet 2005 Doc/Train conference.

Stay tuned for parts two and three. In those, I cover the basics of XML technology and andragogy, respectively.

UPDATE: I have posted parts two and three.

6 July 2006
I have made a change to slide 10 - eHelp did not acquire Blue Sky Software… it was simply a name change. I apologize for the error. Thanks very much to Anthony Olivier at MadCap for pointing out the correction.

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  • Another excellent article. Thanks for putting this together and making it available. Could I invite you, or anyone else to have a peek at some of the posts on my blog. It seems there is quite a cross over here.

    I am particularly interested in building the skills base to enable authors, writers and communicators to be able to leverage the technology that is available to them.

    My next post is planned to tackle the possibilities of single sourcing HTMLHelp (chm) and high class PDF documents from the content produced in flare. I will be using XML, XSL to move from XHTML to XML-FO.

    Be interested to hear from you. Thanks again

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