UX lecture - part two

Here is part two of my UX&A lecture series. This presentation covers the very basics of XML, and its role in documentation and training.

Click on the title slide below to launch the presentation.

(Note: you will need the Flash plugin to view the presentation.)

View part one of the series, which discusses current and future trends in UX&A; and part three, which covers andragogy.

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  • Another excellent article. Thanks for putting this together and making it available. Could I invite you, or anyone else to have a peek at some of the posts on my blog. It seems there is quite a cross over here.

    Great part 2. As I said in my other comment, I am particularly interested in building the skills base to enable authors, writers and communicators to be able to leverage the technology that is available to them.

    I think we need to both clarify the technology and also discuss its uses (such as screen portraits), hence my blog.

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