Assault on Battery leads to charges

Franklin County - Newswire

Clarence Vohltz has been formally charged in the brutal assault of Arthur Battery, of Franklin County.

“This is our attempt to bring a positive reaction to a horrible set of events,” said the Franklin County prosecutor. “As this office has committed before, we are ever-ready to fight this recurrent negative influence in our community.”

Battery is recuperating from injuries sustained in the shocking July 16th attack. While waiting for an automotive technician to arrive after his car malfunctioned, he was approached by Vohltz, who allegedly robbed and beat Battery with a copper-zinc pipe.

Battery’s wife reported that he “was just waiting for the AAA attendant to arrive and give him a jump start. Before Art knew what was happening, Vohltz was all over him. My husband tried to cooperate with him, but Vohltz was so amped up, he just kept going and going.

“I’m so angry. If Art dies, I hope they send Vohltz to the electric chair.”

Battery’s injuries are not expected to be terminal. Still, the prosecutor is prepared to pursue the death penalty if Battery begins to die. “It is within our power to do so, and to do otherwise would only energize the criminal element,” said the prosecutor.

Vohltz has been confined to his cell, and was not permitted to post bail.

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