Link roundup

Here are some interesting articles and happenings floating around the tubes of the Interwebs…

  • Alan Boyle over at the Cosmic Log has written a fascinating article about the newly released Spitzer telescope images of M42, (the Orion Nebula).
  • Speaking of Orion, the folks at collectSpace have another scoop - what may be the new Project Orion logo and patch (Project Orion is our generation’s Project Apollo).
  • Andy over at Tech Write Tips has put together an awesome series on getting high definition PDFs out of Flare (link goes to Part 1).
  • Drew over at End of the Bench has moved to WordPress (welcome to the club, Drew!).
  • The preseason BlogPoll is out, and OSU is #1 with 20 votes. One of those votes came from us over at MotSaG, of course.

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2 Responses to “Link roundup”

  • Thanks for the mention, a link to all the Flare tips is as follows:

  • Thanks for the mention here. Not sure why WordPress took so long to let me know I was linked, but I found it eventually!

    Love the piece on Pete’s record breaking hit, classic.

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