FrameMaker 2006

From The Content Wrangler comes this news about FrameMaker Chautaqua:

A wide variety of presentations will be offered covering hot topics like localization, DITA, and Controlled English as well as practical sessions covering FrameMaker basics, structured content development, HTML, XML, XSLT, and Help. FrameMaker users will not want to miss this must-attend event, during which Adobe will be announcing the release of … oops, we’re not allowed to tell you about this just yet.

Some “guesses” (wishes?) in the comments section include a new Frame for OS X, Frame 7.3, Frame 8, Frame add-in for InDesign, etc., etc. Everyone’s got their own idea of what would be ideal!

My personal desire would be for some sort of Frame-add in or support for InDesign. Bring it into the Adobe CS world… “FrameMaker CS,” - I kinda dig that. Combining InDesign’s typographic and tagging engines with Frame’s robust backbone would make one killer product.

In related news, MadCap Software is continuing to develop Blaze, a Frame alternative. I can’t wait to compare these two new products. You can bet I will, though… so stay tuned to this space for the inevitable usability reviews.


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