Site update nearly complete

I’m nearly done with configuring and updating the site. Whew! Muchas gracias to the Buttonmasher for his guidance with the update, and especially for his continued generosity in hosting monkeyPi. Please go to his site and click on all of the Google Ads.

I still have plenty to do, but most of the remaining changes will occur “behind the scenes,” in the underlying code & such.

Some changes that will affect my loyal readers…

  • You now have an ability to be notified when someone responds to your comment(s). Just select the check box before clicking Submit and you’ll get an email any time someone posts a comment after you.
  • Notice the new nav tabs across the top of the screen. Yay! I no longer have to embed a “home” icon in every post.
  • Don’t be surprised if you see the sidebar change/evolve/barf on you. K2 has tons of built-in support for fancy sidebar modules, and I might try to play with some of them.
  • Speaking of built-in support, the new theme also has much more powerful support for tags, so you’ll start to see me use them religiously. Check out the “tag cloud” on the archives page for an example of this. (It’s a bit thin right now, but I’ll be making an editing pass over my previous posts to apply tags to them, so it should get better and more complex as time goes on.)
  • There is one negative with the recent updates… the K2 structure seems to load the main page much more slowly. I’m guessing it has something to do with all the pre-processing that goes on before the page is displayed. Once you’re in to the site, everything zooms along. I’m going to strip and thin out all of the code I don’t need, and see if it speeds things up a little. Until then, if the site is too slow for you, you might as well subscribe to my feed - I publish 100% of each post’s content there.
  • To kick off the new theme, I’ve posted the inaugural strip of theIcons, a webcomic that features the twisted, hidden world of visual communication symbols. Hopefully, I’ll be able to bring you their adventures semi-regularly.

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