Are the bells tolling yet again for RoboHelp?

Charles Jeter has been doing some excellent cyber-detective work and uncovered some odd corporate accounting practices over at Adobe.

It all started with the Jetman wondering why RoboHelp wasn’t included in Adobe’s SEC and investor relations documents, and went from there.

CJ has repeatedly asked for a statement from Adobe or their product evangelists, but so far, only silence. I’ll put the call out as well… if anyone has more information or documentation regarding the business side of RH, head on over to and chime in.

And while you’re there, make sure you grab his feed. His site has become another favorite of mine, you’ll see I’ve added it to the sidebar. His topics are very diverse, ranging from tech comm to parenting to gaming. Check it out.

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  • Thanks MonkeyPi, for the ping.

    There was a response from Vivek Jain about 3am pacific time on the HATT list. Here’s a link for those who have access:

    Um. But he didn’t answer my question so I repeated it.

    - Charles

  • yawn yawn charles/monkeypi - will you guys never give up!

  • Wow!

    My first very own snarky comment.

    What exactly should I give up?

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