Early MS promotional videos

The techcommdood recently came across an early MS DOS 5.0 video. He writes:

I wonder how well this went over back in the day? Perhaps it was effective. If so, this makes me re-think how we’re delivering documentation today. I’m wondering if we could get Eminem to rap out our developer reference information for our .NET development tools, or perhaps Amy Winehouse could inject some nostalgic R&B-flavored tunes into our desktop offerings…

Interesting idea, Bill. However, some would argue that Eminem and Winehouse actually possess some talent, where the makers of these videos only possess a certain level of, shall we say, sadism.

Oh, yes, it got worse after the DOS years, Bill. Much, much worse.

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  • Wow, that’s… painful!

    OK, you got me there, maybe Eminem and Winehouse have too much talent for these videos… How about a Yoko and Paris duet?

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