Don’t Click It

“How hard is it to break with our clicking habits? What happens if we remove the essential element of navigation from an interface which we are accustomed to? Does it change our behaviour of navigation? Is this change for good or for bad? What do we gain from it? Do we miss The Click at all? Does this have any influence on our perception of the interface? Is clicking really rooted that deeply in us, that we cannot resist it?…”

Interesting experiment - a web site with an entirely click-free interface.


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  1. 1 Charles Apr 26th, 2008 at 11:27 am

    Dude. It’s like we’re on the same track of research.
    Gaming to Boardroom: Using a Wii remote for an Interactive Whiteboard
    Miniature Projection Technology | Minority Report Interface closer to reality | Out-Wii’ing the Wii

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