Sorry I haven’t posted in a few days. I just returned from taking the first of four courses that prepare usability professionals for the CUA exam.

This particular course focused on the most current research regarding issues of human-computer interaction (HCI). We spent a little time covering some cognitive psychology and human-factors basics, then dove right into the research. Quite a bit of what we covered surprised me… as computers and interfaces evolve, a lot of long-standing conventions and “must do’s” are being challenged. The User Experience field has to scramble to keep up with these changes.

Of course, some things never change. Certain guidelines and rules for interface design (especially those that account for how eyes, brains, and perception works) will always be safe to rely on. But a lot of other notable guidelines are being challenged by current research.

I’ll try and post some interesting summaries and articles in the upcoming day(s). Stay tuned…

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