Site updates

Well, as you’ve probably noticed, I’ve started to pick up the pace a bit here.

I’ve spent most of my free-writing time over the past few months doing some sportsblogging over at MotSaG. You can usually catch me over there, writing under the sportsMonkey moniker. But now that the great 2006 OSU football season is over, things have slowed down a bit and allowed me more time to ‘come back home,’ as it were, to monkeyPi.

I haven’t written a What’s UP? article since October, so expect to see that recurring feature begin again, as well as more geek talk, technology news and reviews, tutorials, and other random bits. Hopefully we’ll be seeing more of theIcons, too. Lastly, there’s always the Yay Parenthood posts that occasionally shoehorn their way in here.

I made some additions to the sidebar, as well. I’ll be covering those in a later post.

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  • wisconsin sky watcher

    Yes, I have been missing your Whats Up postings! Didn’t know a thing about the comet till it was too late! And I’m blaming you!!!! ;)

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