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An escapee from a government contractor’s test lab, the monkey lives in hiding, hacking away at the keyboard to bring you random thoughts, stories, news, and graphics. Depending on his mood, he may be informative, amusing, obnoxious, or inane.

The lab refined him in the ways of technical/visual communication, astronomy, technology, fictional humor, wine, and the chaos involved in raising a litter of children (among other things). You may find a humorous story here. You may find a Photoshop tutorial. You may find a discussion on the Lorentz factor’s role in cosmological relatavistic dilation. Or a recipe for sugar cookies.

Enjoy your stay.

No trees were harmed in the creation of this site. However, a large number of electrons were terribly inconvenienced.

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Lots of people ask why I remain anonymous. At various times, I’ve been accused of being a shill for Adobe, or MadCap, or any other company whose products or technologies I’ve written about. Rest assured, I have no ulterior motives.

Some argue that it’s hard to take opinions seriously from someone using a pseudonym. I can buy that. It would concern me if that was the primary purpose of monkeyPi.

To me, writing an insightful post that covers some aspect of scientific and visual communication is meted a bit by the fact that the post that comes before or after it might contain references to my kids’ love of farts. So as you can see, making a credible name for myself isn’t paramount here.

Still, if it’s important to you to know my vitae, feel free to know that I work as a researcher for a reputable scientific R&D firm. And that my kids think farting is hilarious.

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