DocTrain UX 2007

This year’s DocTrain conference is spreading its wings, and moving west from its traditional Boston home to Vancouver, BC. The theme for 2007 is “The User Experience.”

If you’ve never been to a DocTrain conference, you’re missing out. It’s smaller and more intimate than the big STC and WritersUA conferences, yet still big enough to feature cutting edge material and draw industry gurus. Some of the speakers this year will include Ann Rockley, Neil Perlin, Char James-Tanney, Thom Haller, and Scott Abel.

I’m spending my professional development time this year wrapping up my CUA, so I’ll have to miss out on the conference this year. But I still recommend attending. If UX & UA design is your thing, you might consider making a pitch to your boss for the permission & resources to attend DocTrain ’07.


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  • This conference has a ton going for it. Not only does it feature the speakers mentioned, but its keynote speaker is Salim Ismail who is leading the charge in structured blogging ( and microformats ( for the web.

    Don’t know what these are? Come to DocTrain and find out how they will affect your web experiences.

    And if you’ve never been to Vancouver, this is a perfect excuse to go. Unmatched in culture and beauty.

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