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theMonkey is back


Yes, I am alive.

Regular content will resume shortly. Make sure you’re subscribed to the monkeyPi feed.

In the meantime, enjoy a few minutes watching this pinnacle of interweb awesomeness:

Link roundup

Over the past few months, I’ve added a few new links to the sidebar. Make sure to visit these fine folks from time to time:

The Content Wrangler - a one-stop shop for all your 21st century news & info needs that cover the technologies behind technical and visual communication. Scott Abel runs a tidy site here. Bonus: lots of interviews with industry gurus.

Palimpsest - One to definitely add to your Bloglines accounts. Sarah and Alan run this site for Scriptorium Publishing. Great coverage of conferences and presentations here.

Helpstuff - Char James-Tanny’s site. She’s an industry guru, who always manages to get the scoop on new Documentation product releases before the rest of us. Hmmm… (Link goes to her blog).

Centripital Notion - Art, science, nature, and technology merge in this way-underappreciated blog. A great place to spend some free time.

KrazyDad - Jim’s site shows how fun and malleable information can be. Go nuts with his Sudokus, or spend a few hours with his Whitney Music Box.

WWdN - Okay, so I wrestled with throwing this in the sidebar, because I didn’t want people to think I was a star-struck loser who linked to someone on the basis of his fame alone. But the fact is that Wil runs the type of site that I’d like monkeyPi to be when it grows up. He’s equal parts geek, father, writer, and humorist, and his posts go back and forth accordingly. A “blogger’s blogger,” if you will. Do yourself a favor and check him out. Here’s a post to start you off.

Site updates

Well, as you’ve probably noticed, I’ve started to pick up the pace a bit here.

I’ve spent most of my free-writing time over the past few months doing some sportsblogging over at MotSaG. You can usually catch me over there, writing under the sportsMonkey moniker. But now that the great 2006 OSU football season is over, things have slowed down a bit and allowed me more time to ‘come back home,’ as it were, to monkeyPi.

I haven’t written a What’s UP? article since October, so expect to see that recurring feature begin again, as well as more geek talk, technology news and reviews, tutorials, and other random bits. Hopefully we’ll be seeing more of theIcons, too. Lastly, there’s always the Yay Parenthood posts that occasionally shoehorn their way in here.

I made some additions to the sidebar, as well. I’ll be covering those in a later post.

Site update nearly complete

I’m nearly done with configuring and updating the site. Whew! Muchas gracias to the Buttonmasher for his guidance with the update, and especially for his continued generosity in hosting monkeyPi. Please go to his site and click on all of the Google Ads.

I still have plenty to do, but most of the remaining changes will occur “behind the scenes,” in the underlying code & such.

Some changes that will affect my loyal readers…

  • You now have an ability to be notified when someone responds to your comment(s). Just select the check box before clicking Submit and you’ll get an email any time someone posts a comment after you.
  • Notice the new nav tabs across the top of the screen. Yay! I no longer have to embed a “home” icon in every post.
  • Don’t be surprised if you see the sidebar change/evolve/barf on you. K2 has tons of built-in support for fancy sidebar modules, and I might try to play with some of them.
  • Speaking of built-in support, the new theme also has much more powerful support for tags, so you’ll start to see me use them religiously. Check out the “tag cloud” on the archives page for an example of this. (It’s a bit thin right now, but I’ll be making an editing pass over my previous posts to apply tags to them, so it should get better and more complex as time goes on.)
  • There is one negative with the recent updates… the K2 structure seems to load the main page much more slowly. I’m guessing it has something to do with all the pre-processing that goes on before the page is displayed. Once you’re in to the site, everything zooms along. I’m going to strip and thin out all of the code I don’t need, and see if it speeds things up a little. Until then, if the site is too slow for you, you might as well subscribe to my feed - I publish 100% of each post’s content there.
  • To kick off the new theme, I’ve posted the inaugural strip of theIcons, a webcomic that features the twisted, hidden world of visual communication symbols. Hopefully, I’ll be able to bring you their adventures semi-regularly.

Site update

Just a heads-up… I’ll be making some adjustments to monkeyPi over the upcoming days. Don’t be surprised if things are a bit shaky for awhile. I’m making the change over to the new K2 release.



Yes, theMonkey is still alive. Sorry for my recent absence.

Most of my blogging the past couple of weeks has been over at MotSaG. Football is only 24 days away, so most of my spare time has been on psyching myself up for a great Buckeye season.

If you’re interested in good sports articles, feel free to stop by& check us out. Otherwise, stay tuned here at monkeyPi, and we’ll get the content back up and flowing as soon as the creative juices allow.

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theMonkey apologizes for the dearth of posts recently. (Is it still “third-person” when one refers to oneself in the pseudonymous? Or would that be “pseudothird-personymous?” Sounds like a scientific species. I like that. Pseudothird personymous: The elusive blogger.)

I apologize retroactively for wasting your time with that paragraph.

watching the blog from the audience...

Waldorf: Reading a post like this makes me nostalgic.

Statler: Oh, yeah? Nostalgic for what?

Waldorf: D.D.T.

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